An ongoing study of the BAUD for PTSD is underway in the Tampa, Fl. area, conducted by Dr. George Lindenfeld and Dr. George Rozelle. The study will include 36 veterans from the Vietnam War, the Gulf War, and the Iraq/Afghanistan conflict. All will undergo BAUD sessions utilizing RESET therapy. QEEG brain maps will be taken before treatment and again after the therapy, as well as in a 3 month follow-up, and changes will be analyzed. LORETA analysis will add detail of deep brain changes that occur as the result of this therapy. Study is targeted to be done by the fall of 2016, and results submitted for publication. A preliminary case study confirms positive changes seen in the amygdala, medial frontal cortex and Broca's area, with the subject reporting relief of symptoms.

Studies Confirm Therapist Reports of Significant
Symptom Reduction in Most BAUD Patients

BAUD Shows Promise as Adjunct In Chronic Pain Management

"Fortunately for the millions of patients who suffer from chronic pain, pioneering research is driving the development of new treatments focused on brain plasticity, with the more promising developments based on modulating activity in the limbic system. Since maladaptive brain plasticity creates chronic pain, it makes sense to address this process directly."
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  • Resetting the Fear Switch in PTSD: A Novel Treatment Using Acoustical Neuromodulation to Modify Memory Reconsolidation

    "Groundbreaking memory research has been ongoing over the last 15 years by many notable individuals including Joseph Ledoux, a neuroscientist at New York University, and Karim Nadar, his former graduate student and now professor at McGill University. Their work has laid the foundation for developing new memory-based therapies to treat PTSD including what we describe here as RESET Therapy. This interventions is designed to therapeutically interfere with or 'erase' fear/anxiety-based memories."
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  • Treatment of Anxiety with the Bio Acoustic Activation Device

    "Results of our pilot study are strong, suggesting the BAUD is effective in treating anxiety and warranting further research. Clients who received BAUD intervention showed improvement in their state and trait anxiety. This is notable because trait anxiety is associated with relatively stable personality characteristics. These results are made even stronger by our comparison group, which showed no specific decrease in anxiety."
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  • A Clinical Study in BAUD Assisted Neurotherapy

    "The immediate results of the BAUD assisted trial were obvious. There was quicker learning and control with the assistance of the device. The emotional results were interesting... it was clear that the individuals did have a positive experience in the training process. The results of the functional tests were especially gratifying. Improvements in auditory memory, spatial organization, and arithmetic performances were significant..."
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  • Study of the BAUD Applications for Emotional and Chronic Pain Issues

    Presented at the 2010 conference of the International Society for Neurotherapy and Research by Dr. G. Frank Lawlis, inventor of the BAUD. Analyses of data collected from therapists in the US, Europe, Swtizerland and Portugal applying the BAUD to a wide range of problems. Result: The BAUD was found to be effective in alleviating symptoms from a variety of psychological sources.
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  • PTSD: Brain on Fire. A RESET Therapy QEEG Brain Map Analysis of an Afghanistan Combat Veteran

    When these hyper-aroused/hyper-sensitized circuits are interrupted through an acoustically-driven neuromodulation process, they appear to 'reset' back to (or closer to) a homeostatic norm that existed prior to the trauma experience. This neural reset is evidenced by the lasting reduction or elimination of the reported symptoms. The treatment enables the brain to re-establish plasticity that became frozen through the effects of trauma.
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  • BAUD Exploratory fMRI Study on Anxiety

    In this pilot study, pre and post images show significant positive changes in the subject immediately after BAUD anxiety session in areas associated with processing emotion and fear: parahippocampus, amygdala, insula, and cingulate.