The real estate verification concerns the last 20 years of the legal history of the property : the term of 20 years is not accidental as the civil code establishes that after 20 years the usucapione accrues. Once the preliminary checks have been carried out, the Notary draws up the deed of sale and proceeds to fix the stipulation. At the time of stipulation, the notary must provide any clarification and explanation requested by the parties, acting with impartiality. It is important to remember thatthe notary who fails to carry out checks on persons and properties and supervises the existence of impediments to the sale is personally liable for his acts

The notary fees for the deed of sale and the mortgage deed

When you buy a house and apply for a mortgage, you will have to use the services provided by a notary’s office and you will incur some notary costs, namely the fees for the two deeds, the deed of sale and the mortgage deed. Notary fees

for sales and mortgages are directly proportional respectively to the price of the property indicated in the deed and to the mortgage that will be registered as guarantee for the loan , normally equal to double the amount of the loan requested. The higher the price of the property and the amount of the mortgage, the higher the notary fees will be .

In some cases, the notarial fees of the sale can be reduced by 30% if it is possible to apply the Price-Value Law .

Calculation of taxes for the deed of sale

To the notary fees must be added the taxes due to the State , which vary significantly if you buy from a private individual or from a construction company (in the latter case it is a deed subject to VAT), if you buy it as a first or second home and, finally, if you buy a property for residential use or a property for commercial use . The customer can enquire notary, functional for the determination of registration, mortgage taxes, be constituted by the cadastral deal of the property, regardless of the price declared by the parties in the deed of sale.