As buyers, we all hope to find a property with plenty of potential. Unfortunately, not every investment is profitable and some houses cannot be fixed. If this applies to you, don’t despair if you find yourself in one of these scenarios: selling your house at auctioneer or real estate agent doesn’t need to be your only option; there are ways you can sell the house quickly for cash and if needed, selling without realtor assistance as well. To learn more about selling your house for cash and avoiding foreclosure, visit:

Here are tips for handling an unpermitted addition when selling your home without realtor assistance:

Evaluate Your Situation

When you discover there’s an issue with your house, such as an unpermitted addition, don’t panic. If it is legal and secure then there will be no issue; however, if it could pose a safety hazard then urgent measures must be taken before trying to sell the property. Evaluate the situation carefully and determine which improvements are necessary.

Call Your Realtor

If you can’t fix the issues in your house, then selling is likely your only option. First and foremost, notify your realtor of the situation so they are aware and know what needs to be done. When selling through a realtor, they will handle any legal matters that arise but it’s important for both of you to stay informed on developments so you can stay in the know.

Determine Whether You Need a Permit

If your unpermitted addition has never been inspected, there’s a chance it is legal. Check to see if you are required to get one, then speak with the department and inquire why they never came out or sent notice that they wanted to inspect it. Keep in mind that some departments may not require permits at this stage so the absence of one does not automatically mean nothing.

Determine If You Can Acquire a Permit

If you require a permit, determine whether or not it’s possible. Don’t despair; if the price of your house drops due to having to obtain one, do whatever possible to mitigate this problem.

If it is illegal, there’s a good chance it is unsafe and this could significantly impact the sale of your house as people may be hesitant to purchase it.

You should file suit for an unpermitted addition and attempt to negotiate a resolution. You may find local lawyers who could assist with this problem as well. However, be aware that if they file suit against the owners of the property then they may have to sell it at auction and potentially suffer financial loss as a result.