When the time comes to move, some ambitious homeowners in Oregon are willing to take control of their home sale and learn how to sell a property by owner. Because a person’s property is often their principal financial asset, the choice to sell alone is frequently understandably motivated by a desire to economize on commission fees and pocket more equity from a risky investment. The Oregon real estate markets were booming, and a dramatic rise in equity gave them more incentive to maximize profits. 

Is it a good idea to modify your home before selling it?

Renovations to the kitchen or bathroom are examples of significant upgrades that rarely pay for themselves. Due to supply chain issues and a lack of labor, home modifications are likewise getting more expensive and requiring longer. To increase the value of your home, you might want to consider taking some immediate action, such as installing a new front door or an energy-efficient thermostat. 

What repairs are necessary before you sell your home?

Consider yourself the buyer to evaluate what has to be fixed before marketing your home. If you have any obvious issues, such as a leaky shower or carpeting that your dog has torn up, you should fix them before you lose prospective buyers. Pre-listing home inspections could be beneficial. They are not cheap, but they can identify any issues before a buyer’s inspection uncovers them and delays the closing. 

Is staging your home necessary?

First impressions matter a lot, and one way to make sure that everyone who sees your property is impressed is by arranging it. The costs associated with house staging can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars and can include everything from virtual staging that can make the property stand out in online photographs to actual, in-home staging that includes furniture rentals and other costs. But in exchange, you’ll make a lot more money: In 2021, prepared properties reportedly sold for more than $40,000 more than their advertised pricing, according to the Real Estate Staging Association.

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